Quality Assurance

With ISO 9001:2015 certification Interpak is dedicated to
delivering superior quality. Process controls include rotolog
tooling capability studies to optimize product quality through
out the run.


Resins and polymers are stored and mixed on site. Interpak can make a myriad of material adjustments including density, mixture and color all within the same run.

Low Cost Tooling

Rotational molds need not withstand the pressures and stresses of injection and blow molding. Inexpensive fabricated molds allow designers to manufacture “production quality” parts with minimal investment.


Once locked, tooling enters the oven and rotates on a bi-axial basis allowing the resins to fill the mold. Each “arm” may contain 2,4,7 up to 10 separate molds per process cycle.


Removed from the mold, parts are quickly transferred to finishing where the warm flash is trimmed, assembly holes are drilled and the part is staged for further operation or is wrapped for shipping. If desired, Interpak will “flame” the surface to create a smoother more glossy finish without affecting part quality.

From foam fill and post-mold esthetic enhancements to assembly and warehousing, Interpak provides:

  • Custom trim and cutting operations
  • In-mold and post-mold graphics
  • Post-mold flaming
  • Foam fill and air pressurization
  • Sub-assembly to final packaging


Parts needing additional strength can be set through air pressure or filled with polyurethane foam. Thermal requirements may also be met through the use of foam insulation.


Complete outsourcing of assembly and sub-assembly operations includes steel fabrication, welding and packaging services. One stop shopping.

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